Eurocartex renews its ETHICAL CODE

"Employees and collaborators are the fundamental and indispensable assets of the company. We are fully aware that only thanks to their work has it been possible to achieve the current position of leader in the sector and it will be possible to continue to grow and improve results."
So affirms the Sole Director Dr. Flavio Toppan, who modified the Code of Ethics and introduced new company procedures to guarantee a serene working climate, in particular to identify any conflict situations and intervene with timely and decisive solutions.
Not only declarations of commitment, but concrete actions to develop the corporate culture at every level of the organization, implementing clear and effective communication methods, protecting well-being and involving people, giving the opportunity to express one's point of view and propose solutions.
As highlighted in the new code of ethics, our management wants to be responsible towards safety and health at work and the environment (as demonstrated by the ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and FSC-COC certifications) and our goal is "to innovate is always to waste less", enhancing the development of new products with "OK COMPOST" certification.
Like the previous one, the new code of ethics is based on and confirms the EIC (Ethical Trade Initiative) Base Code based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which is an internationally recognized code of labor practice.
Download the Eurocartex Ethical Code that summarizes the fundamental ethical values inspiring our company.