We produce packaging of coated paper for packing sugar in packets, with generic and customizable color prints.
In addition to experience we have graphic art, aesthetic taste and the typical style of Venice.
The paper solution for every need.

customized sugar bags

Coated papers for sugar bags

Beauty of wrapping, sugar protection and preservation guaranteed.
We are manufacturers of paper for sugar bags and quality wrappers: internally paper Mater-Bi® for food use and externally coated paper (PE Matt or glossy), fully recyclable.
Printers for over forty years, we produce realistic images, we take care of details and nuances, we guarantee the clarity of the texts. During the press we are attentive to color rendering, tonal passages, contrasts, effects and special colors.
High quality graphics: distinctive, bright and highly effective on the consumer.

PE-coated papers for sugar mills, roasters and food companies. We produce neutral polyethylene laminated paper for the food industry: different thicknesses and weights, rolls, coils, sheets and tailored formats. Pure cellulose paper is laminated with a thin layer of Mater-Bi® which makes it water-repellent, resistant, with technical characteristics suitable for each type of printing.

sugar bags venice


A packet of sugar is sponsoring your own activities.
Customizing bags: we provide the experience gained in the field to guide our clients to a suitable packaging, following each work with care, from design to final print.

Printing service with up to 6 colors flexo and rotogravure up to 7 colors, tailored solutions for sugar mills, for manufacturers of sugar sachets, for catering industry, for advertising your company, be it small or large.

Paper coils and formats for packaging

The quality of our wrappers reduces decentralization or cutting issues during sugar packaging.
Coated paper for heat-sealed bags is supplied in rolls / coils max height 125cm and reels of minimum height up to 5 cm, suitable for the realization of single-dose sachets on the most common packaging machines: sachets sealed on 3 or 4 sides, strip, bags doypack style, stand-up and also shaped or pre-formed bags.

For sugar packaging in bags and packs

Possibility of printing and supply also of small quantities.

On request we can provide custom and packaged sugar bags: white sugar, granulated, brown, constant particle size, packaging preserved by external agents, fine coated paper and your logo on the bag.

wedding sugar bags

black sugar bag with logo

A quality product ready for the vending industry, for hotels, restaurants, bars and for domestic consumption.

Not only sugar bags

We give innovative and distinctive solutions in paper: for those who want to impress and make their mark.
We produce white and colored coated paper for single-dose packaging of sweeteners, salt, honey, oil, sauces, spices and flavoring powders, die-cut bags and wrapping papers for food use and for packaging and shipping of consumer foods.

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Eurocartex = paper solutions
We are Europe's leaders in the packaging industry paper.
Since 1973, we are manufacturers of soft packaging papers for the food industry and laminated and coated papers for the packaging of fresh food.
We work with tenacity, passion and perseverance in pursuing goals.

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