Coated paper with Mater-Bi: disintegration process and evaluation of ecotoxic effects on plants by the resulting compost

Paper Mater B

About recycling of cellulose and polylaminates paper packaging, with the aim of achieving a completely BIO food packaging ( recoverable for composting and biodegradation ) we have just completed different tests on some of our new products designed to wrap fresh food.

Over the past six months, through the support of an accredited external laboratory, we have tested a new compostable coated paper made of kraft paper, mater-bi and printed in color. In addition to analysis for the determination of concentration of heavy metals and hazardous migrant substances, several samples were tested for disintegration and the ecotoxic effects of the resulting compost have been evaluated on plants (ISO 16929-2013 and EN 13432).

The results of tests about the new coated paper are exciting: our product reached a 100% disintegration value in composting process and the compost obtained from the disintegration test had no inhibitory effects on germination and growth of the plants analysed at the different tested compost concentrations (bean mung and barley).