We are working for a better future

The Greencartex product line for the food sector is the demonstration of our commitment to sustainable development and safeguarding the planet.

The term Mater-Bi® indicates all biopolymers that can be used in the production of flexible packaging for food use with reduced environmental impact. With the Greencartex brand we indicate all our products in white or brown kraft paper coupled with Mater-Bi®, OK Compost certified.
Similar to polythene papers in consistency and intended use, our Greencartex coupled papers, in addition to being recyclable, are biodegradable and disposable in the separate collection of organic waste. They are resistant solutions, customizable with prints with water-based and vegetable-based colors, perfect for packaging and wrapping any type of fresh food.

We continue to invest in research and development in this area, testing new biopolymers, starting new coupling processes, using new natural colors. We want to respond with truly ecological products to the needs of an evolving market where attention to the environment is a priority.

We are working to ensure a better future for the next generations.