Quality is never accidental, it is always the result of an intelligent effort

For EUROCARTEX the main resource for progress is represented by the continuous improvement of production skills aligned with the best global industrial practices. Looking for the "well done" brings with it the pleasant surprise of a safer, more comfortable, cleaner environment and the prevention of waste, savings and economic efficiency.

EUROCARTEX wills to improve production processes in compliance with the laws in force regarding hygiene and food safety, environment and safety at work. We are tenaciously committed to the application of best industrial practice and to the compliance of products with mandatory requirements, with standards, regulations, customers and applicable specifications.

The management systems provide tools that are useful for defining and reviewing the objectives of food quality and safety, environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.

EUROCARTEX wishes to continue promoting a management style that is responsible for the environment and for safety and health at work, maintaining the certifications of its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and of the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety System, and of the Forest Management System. Sustainable FSC-COC.

Innovating means wasting less and less, we continue the development the reserch of bio and compostable materials, we want to enhance products with "OK COMPOST" certification.