New "corona treatment" in our coated paper production area: the first in Italy

Packing coated papers born by the coupling of paper to a polyethylene film (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) or metal, so that paper properties are added to film advantages: excellent resistance to water and grease, good mechanical characteristics, heat-sealable, customizable, graphically impactful.
We have installed a new treatment universal crown for the processing of plastic and metal films so as to make them more receptive anchor on substrates such as for printing inks (metallic and blacks Carbon Black), glues, adhesives and surface coatings.
An important technological increase, both in the system that aids the adhesion of film to paper, both in the use of polymers and additives, which improves characteristics and duration of laminated paper and increases the range of printing customizations.
Production system unique in Italy, which enables us to satisfy those customers that in addition to the quality of their packaging, want to adopt a dynamic and distinctive communication.