Natural packaging, product sustainability and safety

    Natural Packaging: EUROCARTEX towards Sustenaibility.
Our commitment towards Sustenaibility and Social Compliance.
To serve Humanity while preserving the Earth, creating value through innovation.
The importance of people clients, suppliers, collaborators or simply as citizens of the Earth.

Accelerating Change Towards Sustainability and Social Compliance.
Working with many corporations we have proven that moving strategically toward sustainability leads to new opportunities, reduced costs, and dramatically reduced ecological and social impacts.

We want keep correct relationships with contacts with which the company daily interacts.
Choosing Suppliers who offer the best performance in terms of Sustainability.
Establishing and strengthening a link with the Community where Eurocartex operates and intends to grow in the future.
Strengthening the roots the company has in the local area by paying constant attention to internal resources. Improve internal relations with employee and working conditions.

Add a whole new meaning to "value creation" We are persuaded that economic, environmental and social systems are interdependent and that use this understanding to drive business strategies will lead to a competitive advantage and clear commercial benefits including:

- Product and Service Innovation
- Competitive Advantage
- Customer and Employee
- Loyalty and Trust
- Increased Shareholder Value
- License to operate
- Cost savings
- Code of labor practice and ethical values
- Download Eurocartex Ethical Code

Ecologies and Sustainability

  • “Sustainable development is development that meets the social, ecological and economic needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

    World Commission on Environment and Development. Our Common Future, 1987
  • Our daily commitment is based on fighting:
    - the accumulation of substances extracted from the Earth’s crust
    - the accumulation of substances produced by the company
    - the physical degradation of nature
    - the creation of conditions that compromise the ability of people to satisfy their needs

    Inspired to: "The Natural Step"
  • "The Natural Step is a lucid, science-based way to marry sustainability with value." Amory B. Lovins

    Source: "The Natural Step"

Why choose Eurocartex as a partner in providing paper packaging:

  • cushion pads for chocolates, cookies and biscuits, standard shapes or designed to fit products of chocolate industry, customizable printings: protection and decorative effect are guaranteed.
  • wide range of cheese packaging, mono or laminates, specifically designed for hard cheeses, soft cheeses, mozzarella, butter and dairy products: taste and freshness are preserved.
  • coated papers for single-dose packaging for sugar, salt, honey, oil, sauces, spices and flavouring powders, flexible packaging neutral or printed for sugar factories and food companies: aromas and flavours are preserved.
  • paper packaging for food industry: pads for meats and fresh products, absorbent pads for fish, molluscs and crustaceans, separators for fruits and vegetables, coated and laminated papers for fresh food wrapping and cooked food packaging, custom prints.
  • paper packaging for industrial products: protective cushion pads and soft wrapping papers, greaseproof and water repellent coated paper and laminated paper, robust natural packaging and ecological paper solutions.

Our commitment to sustainability and responsibility is constant: we are at the service of Mankind creating value through products innovation and maintaining the integrity of Earth System, we are manufacturers of sustainable packaging as environmentally.
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We want to give a new meaning to "value creation": we are convinced that economic, environmental and social issues are interdependent and using this understanding for business strategy brings enormous benefits.
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