Ethical packaging

Eurocartex shares all the principles and the values of the new Ethical Packaging Charter to design, produce and use packaging consciously. Packaging is everywhere, seen and used by all, attracts and informs consumers, protects and supports the product. Packaging is a functional tool indispensable in modern consumption model, a consumption which requires careful attention and responsibility by all. We support the Ethical Packaging Charter to “accompany packaging towards a more mindful future”.

“01.responsible This is packaging seen as a responsibility shared by everyone towards everyone else: in its design, manufacture and application.”
“02.balanced Where packaging is in its right measure: optimised for what is needed.”
“ In that it is healthy, safe packaging that protects individuals and communities throughout its lifecycle.”
“04.accessible Where packaging is capable of “easily” explaining itself to the user.”
“05.transparent Or that is where packaging builds an immediate relationship with its recipient.”
“06.informative Where packaging guarantees the best information, both useful and necessary.”
“07.contemporary Where packaging is constantly in tune with the society of which it represents the values.”
“08.forward-looking In which packaging has good relations with its own future.”
“09.educative In that packaging, as a common object, is capable of assuming an educative function.”
“10.sustainable This is packaging that respects the environment.”

Why choose Eurocartex as a partner in providing paper packaging:

  • cushion pads for chocolates, cookies and biscuits, standard shapes or designed to fit products of chocolate industry, customizable printings: protection and decorative effect are guaranteed.
  • wide range of cheese packaging, mono or laminates, specifically designed for hard cheeses, soft cheeses, mozzarella, butter and dairy products: taste and freshness are preserved.
  • coated papers for single-dose packaging for sugar, salt, honey, oil, sauces, spices and flavouring powders, flexible packaging neutral or printed for sugar factories and food companies: aromas and flavours are preserved.
  • paper packaging for food industry: pads for meats and fresh products, absorbent pads for fish, molluscs and crustaceans, separators for fruits and vegetables, coated and laminated papers for fresh food wrapping and cooked food packaging, custom prints.
  • paper packaging for industrial products: protective cushion pads and soft wrapping papers, greaseproof and water repellent coated paper and laminated paper, robust natural packaging and ecological paper solutions.

Our commitment to sustainability and responsibility is constant: we are at the service of Mankind creating value through products innovation and maintaining the integrity of Earth System, we are manufacturers of sustainable packaging as environmentally.
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We want to give a new meaning to "value creation": we are convinced that economic, environmental and social issues are interdependent and using this understanding for business strategy brings enormous benefits.
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